February 14, 2013 Vancouver photographer

Vancouver Real Estate Agent Headshots

Vancouver real estate agent portraits

Vancouver real estate headshots

Here are a couple of Metro Vancouver real estate agent headshots I recently did in studio this past weekend. This was shot against a white Lastolite background and Elinchrom studio strobes along with a large Westcott Apollo softbox and a gridded beauty dish. The lighting was adjusted in camera to get the grey colour background.  Just for display purposes, these photos were further edited to provide more negative space and smooth even colour which is great if you want to add text to the photo.

If you would like to book a headshot portrait session, contact me today to discuss setting up an appointment or to create a custom headshot to help project your company’s unique and creative brand.

(Any banding you see in this image is due to the lower resolution format for web display) 

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