Thank you for visiting us online. If you are new to having headshots or commercial photography services from us, we know you have questions about us and our work, so to help answer your photography questions, please start by reading your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) section. If you can’t locate an answer here, please feel free to email us or, in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, give us a call at [ 6 0 4 ] 8 0 5 1 8 2 8.

Questions about our photography services

Q1: Do you travel to do headshots on-site at our office or venue?
Answer: Yes I do! To make life easier for group headshot bookings, I can bring my mobile studio to you. 
Q2: Can you travel to our office or venue for headshots for one person?
Answer: Yes I can. Minimum booking rates apply for all sessions outside the studio. Please email me for more details. 

Q3: What is different about a Pro Session from a Mini-session?
Answer: A Pro Session is a longer length session that produces more photos for you to use than a mini-session. Pro Sessions give you more time to have different “looks” (e.g. outfits, poses, backdrops, etc.) than mini-sessions. Pro Sessions also include extras at no additional cost, such as editing for pure white seamless backgrounds and black & white photo conversions. 
Q4: Can I also include a full length portrait with my headshot session?
Answer: Yes you can. There is an additional cost because full length portraits are more difficult to produce. This is an option you can add when booking your photo session online. 

Q5: Why do I have to pay a retainer with my photo booking? 
Answer: A retainer (i.e. non-refundable deposit to reserve an appointment time) is required to hold an appointment time for you. We get a number of requests for appointment times, and have to turn away clients if a specific time is already booked. If someone were to book an appointment and cancel just hours or minutes before their scheduled session, we would have no way to fill that appointment time on short notice. Also, every photo assignment (whether in-studio or on location) requires a specialized setup of lighting and other photographic equipment. We would face financial harm if appointments can be easily cancelled with no way for us to recoup our time and equipment costs. This is why retainers are required and are non-refundable.  
Q6: Can I pay for my photos after I’ve received them?
Answer: In most situations, payment needs to be made either before the photo session or during the photo session. Since images are usually delivered online, collecting payment after product is delivered is not ideal. As a small business, we rather spend our time making great photos than to pursue overdue accounts. 

For my corporate and VIP business clients, prior arrangements can be made for payment to be made via invoice following the photo session on approved credit (O.A.C). Please contact me for more details.  

Q7: Do you provide hair and/or makeup services with headshots? 
Answer: I currently do not directly provide hair and makeup services. However, I do provide a referral list to makeup and hair professionals I’ve worked with in the past.

I don’t provide makeup or hair services because many of our past clients prefer to select their own makeup and hair services. Our client’s needs and preferences are varied, so I prefer to send referrals to a number of different beauty professionals for you to contact rather than provide services in-house. 

Q8: Will you help me with posing for my headshot?
Answer: Absolutely! I will coach you through the posing process and provide tips to how to convey your personality or brand through various expressions, postures, hand positions, and angles. 

Q9: Do you provide clothing for photo sessions? 
Answer: I currently do not provide clothing, but can offer a referral list to wardrobe stylists who can help you choose the right attire for your photo session. 
Q10: Can I bring a friend/spouse to the photo session?
Answer: As long as you feel comfortable with them being there while your photos are taken, you’re welcome to invite them along. 

Q11: Can I purchase more headshot photos later on? 
Answer: Yes you can! Just let me know beforehand so that I keep the proofs around for you to make additional selections later. 
Q12: How long will my photo gallery be online?
Answer: Typically, online galleries are active for at least 90 days, but if you need it online longer, just let me know and I can extend the gallery expiry at no charge. 

Q13: Do you travel for headshot sessions outside of Metro Vancouver? 
Answer: Yes, I also offer sessions in the Fraser Valley, as well as the rest of Canada. Please email me for further details. 
Q14: We have no windows in our office/venue can you still take headshots there?
Answer: Yes! I bring my own lighting equipment, so a window isn’t necessary unless you want a natural light session indoors. 

Q15: Will you sell my photos are give them to a third-party? 
Answer: No, we do not give your photos to anyone unless you consent.  
Q16: Do you edit business headshots?
Answer: Yes I can. Most headshot commissions include at least a basic level of skin retouching. However, if you prefer to keep it natural, I can deliver them with no retouching work as well. 

Q17: How long will it take to get my photos? 
Answer: Typically, I can deliver individual headshots within about 3 business days (depending on current workload). Large group sessions usually take 4-5 business days, and turn-around time for commercial photos for advertising varies depending on your deadline and needs. For most headshot sessions, you can also order Priority Delivery, which guarantees delivery of photos within 24 hours or less
Q18: Can I resell my images for advertising, such as a stock photo agency?
Answer: In most cases, photos are produced with a personal use or company use license only. This means that you and/or your organization can use the images for the purpose of conducting company business. For example, you can post headshots on LinkedIn, on your website, or print them on a conference information sheet or business card. The headshot rates you see displayed online are not for resale purposes, but you can commission a photo project specifically for reselling the images. Please contact me for further details.  

Q19: Do you accept credit card payments? 
Answer: Yes! We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, and American Express. 
Q20: Do you accept INTERAC?
Answer: We accept INTERAC E-Transfers, but we currently do not accept INTERAC card payments in-person.  

Q21: Can I use the photos you produce for commercial purposes? 
Answer: Most of my business headshot session packages include a commercial use license. This is important to know because using images for business always requires the proper use license to avoid any publication issues. Most family portrait photographers or wedding photographers issue image use licenses that only permit “personal” or “private” use. In many cases, their contracts are vague on the subject, or omit specific information about the permitted uses of the photos. Without an explicit statement about the permitted uses of an image, a photographer could pursue damages down the road if they learn that personal use photos have been used for commercial purposes. 

So if you are currently using a photo from a personal photo session produced by a portrait photographer, check that your use license enables you to use it for business or commercial purposes. If not, you may be violating their use licensing agreement according to the Copyright Act, amended 2012. For some plain language information about the new amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act with regards to photographic works, visit CAPIC or review the complete Copyright Act online.

If you hire me for your commercial photography work, such as headshots for your company, you can be assured that a commercial use license is explicitly included. 

Q22: Can I sell the photos you produce? 
Answer: Although you may use the images commercially for your own company or for personal use, unless you purchase a license that explicitly permits the resale of images, you cannot sell the images produced or assign them to another organization for commercial resale; for example, to stock image agencies. 

Q23: Do you have a real estate agent photo package? 
Answer: Yes I do! Click here to get more details on a realtor photo package that is designed for real estate brokers looking to produce great images for your brand marketing.

Q24: Do you have a privacy policy for your website? 
Answer: Yes I do! Click here to get more details on our privacy policy.