Headshots photographed on a grey seamless backdrop are popular because compliments most skin tones and clothing. Most seamless backdrops are particularly good at drawing attention to the individual in the photo, and grey is no exception.

Grey backdrops for headshots and half-length portraits also work well with different web background colours and corporate colour combinations, and these photos can also be easily cut out and placed virtual backgrounds.

Grey comes in almost infinite shades, ranging from light grey to dark, which makes it one of the most challenges colours to match over different photo sessions and photographers.

When choosing the level of grey, it’s important to pay attention to hair colour and also the colour of the individual’s attire. For example, dark grey can be great for hiding dark hair fly-aways, but not so good for lighter hair colour. Similarly, if the subject is wearing a grey suit, it’s important to make sure there is some contrast between the suit colour and the background. Especially if the intent is to make the background transparent for other backgrounds.