These headshots are photographed on-location. Some are photographed indoors, and others are photographed outdoors.

The photos incorporate parts of the surrounding environment from the background to add colour, depth, and context to the portraits. This results in headshots with a “blurry” background and cinematic look.

Producing this look for headshots involves more than just using natural light. Using a combination of long lenses and strobe lighting techniques with the ambient natural light is what results in commercial quality images that help amplify your brand.

Rates for outdoor On-Location headshots vary depending on the location, weather and natural lighting conditions (if done outdoors), lighting setup requirements, planning and coordination, and permit fees for certain outdoor locations.

For indoor On-Location headshots, the ideal set-up requires access to natural light, such as a large window with a view, and enough depth in the space to create a soft out-of-focus background. At some office buildings, permission is needed to photograph in public or shared spaces, so please check with building management first if you are wanting to have the photo sessions done in a publicly accessible space such as a lobby, roof top, or foyer.

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