Formal business portrait

This is one of a handful of formal business portraits for one of our professional clients. This photo was taken at my Vancouver photo studio using three studio flashes and a number of reflectors to soften skin and fill in shadows. Such portraits are great for LinkedIn profiles and professional web portfolios, and they take only 20-30 minutes to produce.

Insurance business headshot portraits


These business headshot portraits were done for a local insurance company on-location. I often do on location headshots at my client’s office, and these were done in the hallway with my usual portrait lighting setup for travel. Usual set-up times are about 20-30 minutes for most locations, and each session can vary from 5 minutes to 20 minutes per person. There a mix of Westcott, Lastolite, Elinchrom, and even California Sunbounce in these photos.

Vancouver corporate headshot photographer

Another common corporate headshot option is to do “multiple looks” at a headshots session, which provides you with the ability to do different poses, outfit changes, and lighting options. Having this sort of flexibility at a portrait session allows you to create a set of photos that differ from one another for different uses. Notice how the subtle changes in background lighting and and the position of the front studio lighting alters the look of each image. Each photo now looks like it could be used for different marketing purposes.

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Vancouver real estate agent portraits

Vancouver real estate headshots

Here are a couple of Metro Vancouver real estate agent headshots I recently did in studio this past weekend. This was shot against a white Lastolite background and Elinchrom studio strobes along with a large Westcott Apollo softbox and a gridded beauty dish. The lighting was adjusted in camera to get the grey colour background.  Just for display purposes, these photos were further edited to provide more negative space and smooth even colour which is great if you want to add text to the photo.

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(Any banding you see in this image is due to the lower resolution format for web display)