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CaRMS Headshot Photo Specifications

CaRMS photo specificationsCaRMS medical residency photoCaRMS (Canadian Resident Matching Service) is a program that matches Canadian medical students to one of 30 different programs across 17 medical schools in Canada. A part of your application will consist of a professional headshot digital photo that you will need to include as part of the residency matching program. These photos help programs to identify you during the ranking process, and only visible to the programs during the interview period.

We’ve worked with many medical residency applicants in the Metro Vancouver area to produce professional headshot photos for their CaRMS (and ERAS) application at affordable rates, and can also help you to produce a professional looking headshot photo as well.

The photos are taken at our studio with professional lighting and backdrops, but can also be photographed on-location for larger groups. Typically, photo sessions take about 20 – 30min at the studio, and you will be able to review the photo proofs and make you photo selections during the session.

After the photo session, your digital portraits will delivered within 2-3 business days online (rush services also available). You will receive an full copy of your selected photos, as well as a cropped and sized version based on the following:

CaRMS Specifications and Requirements

CaRMS photo specs VancouverAccording to current CaRMS photo requirements, the digital headshots need to meet these specifications:

  • A professional headshot is recommended if possible
  • CaRMS photo are usually photographed as a head and shoulders portrait
  • Photos need to be submitted in digital format online under My Documents in the applicant web portal
  • Wallet sized photos should be approx. 2.5″ x 3.5″ (63.5mm x 88.9mm) – the photo may be resized to 3″ (76.2mm)
  • Make sure the photo file type is JPEG with the extension “.jpg”
  • The maximum photo file size should be 2.0 MB (Last updated January 2024)
  • Colour or Black & White headshots are accepted

You can refer to the CaRMS timelines for key dates for your application and more information on the application requirements. It is recommended that you book your photo session at least two weeks before the final deadline, but to get a studio appointment time, booking much earlier is better.

What to Bring to your CaRMS or ERAS Photo Session

  • Wear a well-pressed shirt or blouse; neutral colours are usually best
  • Bring a suit jacket or blazer in case it’s needed
  • Bring hair product to control fly-aways if needed
  • You may bring makeup, but please keep makeup to a minimum
  • If you wear glasses with transitions lenses, please choose non-transition lenses for the photo session if possible

To schedule a CaRMS photo session, please visit our contact page and send us a message to set up an appointment.


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    I am wondering how much CaRMS photoshoots usually cost. I am looking for something similar to what you have on your website ideally with posturing that makes me look open and empathetic.

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