February 8, 2019 Vancouver photographer

360 VR Interactive Video of Pueblo Bonito Blanco Los Cabos

I recently enjoyed a vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico at a beautiful resort call the Pueblo Bonito Blanco. This is a Mediterranean style resort, centrally located in Cabo San Lucas. While there, I brought along a VR camera and captured some 360 degree views of the resort.

You may be family with Google’s Street view, which gives you an interactive virtual view of a location on a map. Now, 360 degree virtual experiences are growing in popularity for business, and are being used for promotional purposes to feature or highlight both interior and exterior places.

Here is a sample of a view from inside Cilantro’s Restaurant looking out to the beautiful beach on the Sea of Cortez.

You can move around the video using a mouse on your computer, or by moving your smart phone:


The resolution of 360 degree videos on YouTube is reduced, but for promotional use on your own website, these videos can be displayed in much higher quality. To learn more about producing 360 degree interactive videos or photos for your business, contact us for more info.

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