Here are some sample images of Corporate Lawyer Headshots photographed on-site in downtown Vancouver. These headshots were photographed at my client’s office. We used the lawyer’s lounge for our lighting setup and used part of the window as the backdrop for these corporate portraits.

Woman lawyer headshotWhat makes these headshots stand out is the out of focus background, which puts the headshots in context, while placing my clients in sharp focus. The combination of soft lighting with a subtle rim light gives these headshots a clean and bright feel with minimal shadows and soft tones. Corporate lawyer headshots VancouverAll my headshots are edited in Photoshop, where a light skin retouch is applied, but the images are not overprocessed. If you are a business in Metro Vancouver and need corporate headshots for your website, social media, or for print marketing, contact us for more a custom quote and availability for on-site or in-studio sessions. Please ask about our group rates if you are inquiring for your company staff.

RecycleSmart is a Richmond-based recycling company that asked me to produce a series of creative headshots for their staff that they could use on their website and other marketing materials. Each person brought in a personal item that helped to characterize them in a fun way, and these are some of the results:

Fun corporate headshots by Pro Headshots Vancouver

Not all corporate headshot session need be static and traditional. Companies can really separate themselves apart by producing unique images that highlight their company culture. By producing these sorts of fun photos, RecycleSmart helped to promote staff morale and attract new clients and employees to their brand.

All photos were shot on-site at their Richmond office, and everyone made the whole experience fun and entertaining. I’m looking forward to seeing how they use these photos for their business going forward!



These are headshots for a corporate financial group I had the pleasure of photographing in downtown Vancouver this past month. When I was first contacted about the headshot session, we were unsure exactly where we would be taking the photos. All I knew was that that wanted to use their office environment in their background – something of a mix between an environmental portrait and a corporate headshot.

Headshots for corporate groups in Vancouver

When I visited their office, the biggest location we could identify was their boardroom. Lucky for me, the boardroom faces north, which makes it a little easier to control for sunlight on bright sunny days. At the same time, it also meant that the boardroom would need to be lit with flash, so the challenge was to determine exactly where the lights could go in the limited space I had.

There just happened to be enough space for the lighting setup I wanted. Three Elinchrom D-Lites lights with Rotalux softboxes and 2 reflectors were used to achieve the final headshot portraits. in their boardroom space. I was also asked to make each shot slightly different, so I used different angles to change the look of the background to include some of the chairs and different segments of the frosted glass wall behind while still keeping the lighting setup mostly the same.

The final photos were shot to about waist level, which is something I almost always do because it gives my clients the flexibility to crop their images to different sizes depending on the publication. If I shoot too tight, it limits their options for publishing headshots in different dimensions.

Vancouver corporate headshot photographer

Another common corporate headshot option is to do “multiple looks” at a headshots session, which provides you with the ability to do different poses, outfit changes, and lighting options. Having this sort of flexibility at a portrait session allows you to create a set of photos that differ from one another for different uses. Notice how the subtle changes in background lighting and and the position of the front studio lighting alters the look of each image. Each photo now looks like it could be used for different marketing purposes.

To book your Vancouver corporate headshot session, please visit our contact page to get in touch.

Business portrait photographer Business portrait photography

Here are a series of business corporate portraits I did last month for managers and executives at a local mining company in Vancouver. I used a dark charcoal background for this one because we felt that it added some pop to the individuals being photographed. Each photograph only took between 10 – 15 minutes and it took just a few hours in total to complete all the sessions. If you or your company are interested in having business portraits done for your staff or members of your management or executive team, contact me to get a quote and schedule a session to update your business headshots. The process is simple and efficient, and the turn-around time for your photos will amaze you.


Corporate headshots port moody

These are recent headshots we did in the Lower Mainland Tri-cities this past week for two banking professionals. These shots were both done on location and I took a number of shots that my clients could choose from right there at the session. We’re always happy to hear that our headshots service makes it easy for busy professionals to get their headshots done with minimal business interruption. For example, these headshots were done minutes before their scheduled meetings with clients. If you want headshots for your business, please contact us today to schedule a session.

I was invited to do more corporate headshots for a business recruiting firm in downtown Vancouver last week. For these photos, I used 3/4 lighting in these photos with a hair light behind the subject and a reflector to the subject’s left for fill. I used an Elinchrom Quadra shot through a Westcott Apollo Orb 43″ octa softbox as the main light and the second light was shot through a standard Elinchrom diffuser cap. Some skin retouching was done in Photoshop to improve skin complexion in these head shots. These are a few of the finished photos.

Corporate headshots vancouver (3)

Corporate headshots vancouver (2)

Corporate headshots vancouver (1)