White background headshots are one of the most timeless types of professional headshots you can produce. They are timeless because pure white backdrops have been used in portrait photography for decades and will likely still be used many years into the future. One of my most admired photographers, Richard Avedon – whose work first inspired me into photography – was well known for using white backdrops for his celebrity and fashion portrait work since the 1960s.

White background headshots work well for organizations who want to photograph a large number of staff over different locations and over a large period of time. Unlike other colours or background, pure white can be produced consistently, which assures that all headshots in a large company will look relatively consistent.

Choose a white backdrop for your headshots if you want something bright, fresh, clean, minimalist, and timeless. It’s also a good choice for black and white headshots, or when clothing choices are various and you want a neutral background for everyone in your group headshot session.

This high-key look can be produced in-studio or on-location with minimal equipment, so not a lot of space is required. The sample headshots here show variations in shadow and contrast. You can choose to have headshots on a pure white backdrop with a lot of shadow, or an evenly lit headshot that has little or no shadow across the face. Headshots with more shadow and contrast tend to have a edge to them, and can appear to have more dimensionality.

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