If you are looking to produce unique looking realtor headshots, a simple option is to choose the outdoors or a headshot session on-location. My approach is to find a background with good lighting and colour, and to use a mix of ambient (natural) lighting and artificial (flash) lighting to produce a unique look.

In these realtor headshots taken outdoors in downtown Vancouver, a mix of ambient and studio flash lighting equipment was used to produce a professional looking set of portrait images for advertising use. The background is out-of-focus to give a feel of depth and space while keeping the attention on each individual realtor.

On sunny days like the first realtor headshot, I like to mix natural ambient light with studio flashes. I used an Elinchrom Rotalux softbox camera left, and one behind the realtor. Camera settings were balanced to include just the right amount of ambient lighting, thereby making the flash lighting appear softer. The realtor headshots were also photographed with a wide lens aperture to ‘blur’ the background and produce a cinematic headshot look.

Imagine using these on your real estate website, brochures, realtor business cards, and larger display ads all over the city to bring attention to your brand. Get in touch and we’ll plan a Metro Vancouver photo session to fit your particular photography requirements.

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