We are often invited to photograph business team headshots on-site at offices rather than at the studio. Studio headshots are great for individual or small groups, but shooting on-site is ideal for larger group headshot sessions. These mobile office business team headshots take place in a small open area where we set up our professional mobile lighting equipment and backdrop. Sessions durations vary depending on the type of headshot portraits being produced and the amount of time available for each individual being photographed.

Many of our business clients love our mobile headshot service because it has the least impact on busy office schedules. We arrive well before the scheduled session start time, set up our equipment, then we work through the scheduled roster to individuals. With digital photography, we are able to review photos with each individual as they are being photograph, which help us produce the best headshots possible.

In the sample photos here, these headshot we all taken on-site at a mortgage brokerage in Vancouver. I set up my lighting for a clean white seamless background in the lobby of the office and ensured that colour, shadow, and contrast was consistent for each image. Carefully controlling for these factors helped to maintain a consistent corporate brand across images used for their website and print marketing materials.

This company also wanted a group photo of their brokers, so instead of the usual business team photo where everyone needed to be present, they opted for a composite group photo in which separately photographed headshots were combined using Photoshop to produce a realistic looking large team photo. This option provides the flexibility to add and remove members from the team photo as the business grows over time.

If you are looking to produce business team headshots for your company, please contact us today for more information and to get a customized quote for your particular requirements.