Studio headshots are a quick and simple way to produce headshots for commercial use or just to post on social media. Headshots at the studio can be done year round, and both short “mini-sessions” or longer “pro sessions” can be booked on weekdays, evenings, and some weekends.

Studio headshots are usually photographed using professional lighting equipment, which can be made to look hard and edgy, or soft – mimicking a natural light setting, such as in these sample portraits. I photographed these in studio to have a softer, more natural feel to them. Softer light can be more flattering because the shadows are not as visible, thereby mimicking light from an overcast day, or light that has been diffused.

In some cases, with the right settings, producing a softer look can look like natural light to the eye. This look can be used to make an image feel overall brighter, despite the photos being shot indoors at night.

In general, the softer, more natural look is better if you want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your headshot. These photos tend to have a cleaner, more minimal, feel to them, so if you like this look, contact me for more info on how these type of studio headshots can be produced for you.