When producing marketing materials for your Metro Vancouver realty business, one of the considerations is to produce headshots that stand out and can work on a number of different media (e.g. desktop web, mobile, and print).

A plain seamless backgrounds are a good option when you want to create realtor headshots that minimize background distractions, and also to produce a consistent look for multiple realtors that can be reproduced regardless of weather or time of day. For a stylish look, medium grey or dark grey are great options for a background that pops.

These headshot provide a good sample of realtor headshots in-studio that produce a modern and sophisticated look. Remember that when it comes to business photos for real estate advertising, the goal should not be to produce a “timeless” look, but to produce one that will help you stand out from crowd for a particular period of time.

Styles and looks change over time, so choosing a headshot mini-session is an quick and affordable way to change up your look every year or two. If you’re still using headshots from a decade ago, it’s about time to create something fresh and simple to reflect your current marketing efforts. Send me an email or give me a call to plan a session to update your realtor headshot today!

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