These on-site headshots were produced for a Vancouver healthcare provider offering patient support services within the Lower Mainland region. Our original plan for the on-site headshots was to use a bank of large windows within the building which offered beautiful views of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains as well as the downtown Vancouver skyline. However, weather and other venue challenges arose that turned us to our secondary plan for the headshot sessions.

I used the clinic space instead, and used a shallow depth of field for the background to produce headshots that suggested a more geometric and clinical look. Using three studio lights for these on-site headshots, I positioned them to help illuminate the room as well as the headshot and rim light. Some ambient light was allowed in through the windows, but being another overcast Vancouver day, we had very little sunlight to fill the background space.

My clients were actually positioned in the middle of a doorway for these business portraits. The Elinchrom studio light in an octabox illuminating the face was on one side of the narrow doorway while two other lights helped to fill the background space with the right about of light without producing reflections in the large glass windows.

Their selected headshots were lightly editing in Photoshop and made available in high resolution for online publication (such as their company website as well as LinkedIn) and commercial printing.