We can provide on-site corporate headshot services on site for business offices in downtown Vancouver. We understand that your time is important, so having groups of your local staff travel to a photography studio isn’t always the best use of your resources. We can help to minimize disruptions to your business by setting up our mobile studio on-site (i.e. at your office or a venue of your choice).

We use the same professional equipment used at the studio to produce corporate headshots with good lighting. Whether you have a bright office with large windows or a small space with no windows at all, we can create professional looking on-site corporate headshots with expert-looking lighting to suit your organization’s visual narrative.

On-Site Headshot Locations & Backgrounds

You’ll have the choice of using your office space as the background, such as in these sample headshots. Or you can choose a plain seamless background. You may even want the headshots taken at a specific location at your office building to show off unique architectural design features, or right outside your office to produce an environmental portrait.

The corporate headshots in this gallery were photographed in the boardroom of a Vancouver-based financial firm. During the site visit, we liked the idea of using the frosted glass as a background that was abstract and unique to their office space. Despite a large conference room table in the middle of the meeting room and it being a darker day outside (with little light coming through the large windows), we set up our lighting around the space to properly light each person’s portrait.

If you would like to arrange an on-site headshot session for your team, contact us to chat more about space requirements and how we would approach producing the type of images you can use for commercial marketing or corporate communications.

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