Natural light headshots are a very popular option. I use studio lighting whenever possible because it gives me maximum control of how I want light to highlight a client’s best features. However, in certain situations, natural light can also work to produce photos that are very appealing for use on social media.

With the right light sculpting tools, I can produce headshots using ambient daylight that feel more “natural” to the eye. Natural light headshots usually look softer than headshots done with studio lighting equipment. Some feel that natural daylight can produce a more timeless look that works well for brands that seek to convey an organic look.

Clothing & Lighting

For clothing options, I recommend pastel colours and a less formal look. A simple button-down shirt in a subtle pastel or neutral color is ideal. It’s also best to keep makeup minimal, and hair should definitely be done, but be conservative with any heavy hair product.

Natural light headshots tend to look better with high-key lighting. If you’re interested in natural light headshots, the best images are produced on days with good lighting, such as sunny or bright partly cloudy days. If you like the natural light headshot look, but can schedule a daytime session, simulated soft light options are also available.

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