This is a set of law firm headshots photographed in Vancouver for a group of lawyers and legal staff. The headshots were photographed at their office, using a narrow hallway and a custom lighting setup to add natural looking light into a dark office space. This setup involved only two studio lights and a number of reflectors to produce soft even lighting for each lawyer and staff member.

Law firms often book my mobile services for convenience. It usually takes between thirty minutes to an hour to identify a good location within the office for the headshot, and to set up the equipment and, if required, a plain seamless backdrop.

In this case, I decided to use and hallway and the bookshelves in office as the primary background, and to shoot it out-of-focus to give a sense of space while keeping the subject in sharp focus. Since it was winter in Vancouver when these law firm headshots were taken, there was very little natural lighting coming through the office space. So to produce soft lighting, I used large Elinchrom rotalux softboxes to illuminate the space. Impact photo reflectors were also added to soften light further. Each headshot session was short, thereby minimizing disruption to staff during the work day. Each person was also able to review their photos and even make their own photo selections on site if desired.

These lawyer headshots were commissioned for use on their website, but could also be used as profile photos for speaking engagements and/or other printed marketing materials. If you are interested in having law firm headshots done for your staff. Please contact me for a quote and on-site headshot availability in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

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