Shooting “on location” can produce unique headshot portraits to differentiate your photos from the thousands of other headshots online and in print. Every on location photo session is unique due to the ever changing backgrounds in Vancouver and the different types of ambient light you see at different times.

Our on location Vancouver headshot sessions are done by combining studio lighting with ambient light. Ambient light is the natural lighting in the current environment, and when mixed with studio lighting, can produce very cinematic looking effects.

These headshots were photographed in downtown Vancouver in the Coal Harbour area using a mix of sunny ambient light and just one studio light. It was windy that afternoon on location, so I used the direction that the wind was blowing to help move my realtor client’s hair for a more dramatic effect.

Notice how the image is vibrant and not washed out. The shadows are soft and in the right places in this headshot, which is something harder to achieve by natural ambient light only.

If you would like to produce some cinematic looking headshots, contact us today to find out how.