Who said corporate headshots have to be boring? You can instantly make your website memorable to visitors by add a set of unique and fun headshots. Can think of what to do? Just ask each person to bring a prop that best shows off their personality. When viewed as a collection of headshots online, you’ve just created a gallery that shows off your company’s personality with little effort at all.

In these photos, I worked with a local Recycling broker to produce unique and fun headshots for their client facing website. I started with a simple corporate headshot shot against a pure white background, then produced a second set of images that incorporated a personally selected prop for each person.

On their website, you are first presented with a standard corporate headshot for each person, then on a mouse roll-0ver, the fun headshot appears.This is a nice way to introduce each individual to their clients, and the fun headshots helped to put clients at ease, while expressing their relaxed corporate culture at the same time.