If head and shoulder headshots aren’t enough, and you need full body portraits (or full length portrait), we can help produce that as well. If you need a full length portrait as part of your job application, for casting purposes, or you need it for advertising, these types of photos can be shot in studio and delivered to you in high-resolution for use online or even for prints.

Full length portraits can be shot on a pure white background, or using other types of backdrops as well. If you are interested in a full body portrait to produce a clipping mask, let us know and we can either photograph it on a chroma-key background (i.e. green screen) or we can help determine the right colour backdrop for easy photo cut-outs.

Posing and Clothing

Full body portraits place a lot of emphasis on posing, over posture, and full attire, so if you are looking to produce full body portraits, it is important to consider the right wardrobe from head to toe. For full length photos, it is important to choose clothing that fits well and in compliments body shape as well as posture. The right poses for full body photos are important to show personality and professionalism, which is something we can definitely help with.

Full Body Portraits on a Pure White (High-Key) Background

Full length portraits can be done indoors or outside. One type of full length portrait that is popular for web publication is the full body portrait on a pure white background. If you would like full body portraits on a pure white background produced at your office or venue, a generous amount of space is needed for setup of the high-key backdrop and additional lighting heads that are needed to produce an evenly lit background and foreground.

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