I often go on-site for corporate office headshots because it gives my clients the most convenience. Working around my client’s schedules and doing the photo sessions on-site is the least disruptive way of offering my services to corporate clients. Sometimes these corporate office headshots involve the use of a plain seamless backdrop, and other times I’m able to incorporate their office space, putting it out-of-focus, for a contemporary cinematic headshot look.

In these case study, I did office headshots for a local firm based in downtown Vancouver. Arriving at their office, the first thing that struck me was the large open space and large windows that filtered in a soft light from Vancouver’s north shore mountains. Since the large windows faced north, I decided that using them was a better option for this photo session than setting up a plain seamless backdrop. Whenever I can incorporate the design character of an office’s architectural or decor details, I try to do this to produce a more unique looking set of images.

Using a combination of studio lighting and natural ambient lighting, I set up the space and lighting for a minimal, yet modern feel featuring soft shadows and highlights and a slightly muted and cooler colour palette. Creating that blurry background, which is characteristic of portrait photography, put the focus of the headshot on my client rather than the busy surroundings. This corporate office is certainly one of my favourite to shoot in for ambient lighting, and the results were excellent.

For information about booking a corporate headshot session at your office, please contact me for rates and on-site availability. I would be happy to chat with you further about your imaging goals and to answer any questions you have about scheduling and organizing a headshot session for your particular group size.