I was commissioned by a Canadian Environmental Company to produce a series of Corporate Stock Photos for use in corporate communications. The corporate stock photos were photographed at the Calgary office. The images were produced to show their office staff as well as their laboratory staff working in the office, meeting, and packaging soil samples for testing.
Corporate stock images in office corporate-stock-images_2523 corporate stock photos for Canadian company Corporate stock people meeting Science lab corporate stockThese corporate stock photos were produced using a mix of ambient lighting from the conference room and studio lighting set up around the room to illuminate the talent while minimizing reflections. Many of the photos were shot with a shallow depth of field (DOF) with the goal of providing negative space for text call-outs and/or editorial copy.  corporate-stock-images_2527An area in the laboratory was identified that feature the primary corporate colour, and was used as the background for these images of rings used for collecting soil samples.  Science lab corporate stock Science lab corporate stock The corporate stock images in this collection feature a generous amount of negative space (i.e. empty space), which makes it easier for cropping and adding copy for print marketing or online corporate communications.

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